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New Green Parking Zones in EuroPark

March 22, 2023

CityBee is starting to buzz in the EuroPark parking lots. 🐝 Where are these new green parking zones where you can park a CityBee car or Cargo bus at no extra cost?

Senču 2
Brīvības g. 201
Kurbada 2a, 2b, 6
M.Tāla 2
Hanzas 16A
Z.A.Meierovica 8
Ūnijas 8,10,10A
Ieriķu 5
Brīvības g. 214D
Kr.Valdemāra 118
A.Briāna 11
Brīvības 131
Cēsu 19
Satekles 1

All zones are open for a test period to see which are the most popular parking spaces. Check out the new zones in the CityBee app. 📲

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