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Special Easter Offer 🐣

April 4, 2023

Bzz, hop in CityBee for Easter! 🐰

Make your Easter holidays even more special and drive to the place where you’re the happiest with CityBee.

Choose any of the special ☀ 3+1 day package deals we offer and you’ll get 1 extra day to drive for free!

The available 3+1 day packages are marked with ☀ symbol:

☀ 3 days + 175 km

☀ 3 days + 300 km

☀ 3 days + 500 km

Buy the 3+1 day package deals on the 6th or 7th of April 2023 and enjoy your trip!

Have a joyful holiday,

Your Easter bunnies at CityBee

Everything you need is CityBee app!

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