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The fleet is expanding with Toyota RAV4!

February 4, 2022

2022 has started with a new addition to our bee hive – Toyota RAV4.

We recommend using this car for both short trips around the city, daily work, as well as longer trips, seeing the beautiful nature of Latvia with friends or family.
Continuing to protect nature, we have chosen a car equipped with a Hybrid engine. This provides the driver with a combined fuel consumption of 4.5l / 100km, which is a very good indicator given the size of the car.
Toyota Rav4 has many different good features, but we want to highlight one that will be very useful for us living in Latvia! Forget about cold hands, because this car is equipped with steering wheel heating!
In addition, You won’t have to worry about the things You take with you and their size, because this car is really roomy – its boot capacity is 580l, but it can be increased by lowering the row of rear seats.

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